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rilian ("I crunch for Ukraine Приглашаю всех в украинскую команду!")
Death ("born dead ===== Jodis")
(_KoDAk_) ("-;)@Home")
x3mEn ("If everybody in the world Loved everybody in the world What a glorious world This could...")
JettOverlock ("I'm Jettt and I live in Stonefield. I'm interested in Business, Cubing and English art. I...")
ShaniceMarti ("I am 23 years old and my namme is Shanice Martinsen. Ilife in West Bay (Great Britain).")
JoshuaH15579 ("There is nothing to tell about me I think. Feels gold to be a member of this community. I...")
arsen.salamakha ("27 years old Java developer from Lviv, Ukraine! Keen on everything connected with research...")
(_Mystic_) ("I`m from team Ukraine. Have a good mood and never give up! And you will be the best!")

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