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[B^S] Gamma^Ray ("Proud Cruncher for the team BOINC Synergy, Check us out if you need a BOINC Home.")
idahofisherman ("I am a retired networking guy and spent many years in Saudi Arabia. My wife is also...")
[B^S] BOINC-SG ("Momo, Tiger and Me (Shai Hulud aka Steffen) are great fans of BOINC. We like to support as...")
Hoshione ("Hy there, i am 49 years old and working as a surveyor for a shipowning company in Germany....")
Steven Pletsch ("From Mesa, Arizona, USA. I design commercial low voltage electrical systems for a living,...")
Wang Solutions ("I am an ordinary 40-something guy that loves computers and loves being able to use their...")
Ra7or ("My real name is Tiago and I'm from Portugal. I'm 19 years old, Electrical Engineering...")
Labbie ("I live in The Land of Enchantment.")
Sirius B ("Hi folks, I am a local system builder and enjoy all things science. Try my best to get...")

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