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WyerByter ("I am WyerByter. I live in a place filled with chunks of plastic, burnt metal and the smell...")
Wang Solutions ("I am an ordinary 40-something guy that loves computers and loves being able to use their...")
Woody Woodpecker ("My name is Woodpecker, Woody Woodpecker")
WereChild ("Brought into this world in the year of '74, on a now infamous date. Loves pretty much...")
williebthere ("Married U.S. Air Force 1972-1976 Bricklayer - PCC ***Retired*** Sober Collect...")
WQUAlisa4534 ("My name is Alisa (43 years old) and my hobbies are Rock stacking and Videophilia (Home...")
WinfredRicke ("Ouur Delhi based eswcorts agency has connection with national and international escortgs...")
WillieChewni ("I'm Willie and I live with my husband and our 3 children in Steinhausen, in the NA south...")
WinfredArndt ("I am Winfred and was born on 7 November 1982. My hobbies are Nordic skating and Table...")
WaylonChinn ("I am Waylon from Amsterdam. I love to play Trumpet. Other hobbies are LARPing. Here is...")

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