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CUDA app testing
As some of you already know, we just started testing of CUDA Gromacs application for Linux and Windows computers.

To use it under Linux you should have Gromacs installed (apt-get install gromacs on Debian based systems).

Under Windows you should have Nvidia GPU with CUDA 2.3 capability and AVX256 capable CPU.

Also, ignore estimated running time reported by Manager as is currently set very high by me for testing purposes.
16 Oct 2017, 19:02:58 UTC · Discuss

Maintenance break
In next 12-24 we will have some maintenance break
9 Aug 2017, 22:58:56 UTC · Discuss

VERY IMPORTANT: Vina support for ARM
If you would like to crunch VINA app on ARM system (like armbian on odroid) please install required library by this command:

apt-get install autodock-vina

After it you are ready to go :)
1 Aug 2017, 5:37:25 UTC · Discuss

DrugDiscovery@Home is back
After few months and loads of discussion about future of our project we decide that project will be continued in a bit changed team.
At the moment, before we decide to involve other people in it we will stay with:

Andrey Voronkov as project main scientist.
Vladimir Berishvili - project scientist.
Krzysztof Piszczek - main developer, server administrator.
Krzysztof Faryna - project developer, server administrator.

Project is not connected with initiative any more on any way.

So, currently we will test server to be sure that applications and work units are ok and everything is going smoothly.
The cryptocoins featured will be completely changed in near future but at this moment it isn't in our main scope.
11 Jul 2017, 21:39:57 UTC · Discuss

We have added badges for total points, steps are:


I hope soon we also add separate badges for every application :)
16 Feb 2017, 15:07:32 UTC · Discuss

Ethereum wallet testing
In next few days we will start testing cryptocoins transfers to your wallets.
For those who will join to tests under "other account info" is new field with option to put wallet address to make transfers from us.

To get DrugDiscover "dummy" (at the moment) tokens you need in your wallet ad "Watch token" contract and put in this address:


In next few days we will transfer some those tokens to your account to check how fast and reliable is this way.

Also, we consider few options to make it:
"On demand" transfer - where you can make it when you like and receive whole collected tokens in one, bulk transfer.
"After batch" transfer - where we do transfer after finish each work units batch (and checking results).
"Daily, Weekly or Monthly" in this case we will make batch transfer to all users on set period of time.

We will be happy to get feedback from you with information what way will best for you, or if you have other ideas.
13 Feb 2017, 22:23:54 UTC · Discuss

Smina application released
We just have released Smina - a fork of Vina.
Smina does same tasks as Vina, just about 10 times faster.
At the moment only Linux 64bit version is available.

Smina application and source files are available here:
20 Jan 2017, 22:20:08 UTC · Discuss

Vina aplication and work units
Since yesterday we have loads of work on server for vina application (Linux 64bit and Windows 32bit).
This is internal research batch of WU (non-commercial).

As soon as possible we will also release Gromacs application for Linux CPU and CUDA cards.

Both applications are Open Source:

AutoDock Vina:

17 Jan 2017, 14:04:16 UTC · Discuss

We are now support SSL
Since yesterday we have installed SSL certificate on server,
If you have any problems please reset/detach project and join again.
13 Jan 2017, 19:44:26 UTC · Discuss

Voting for our project into white list of GridCoin
Dear Colleagues, you can help our project to get into white list of GridCoin by voting for it. Please find the details on voting here:
The voting will take place until 15th of January.
1 Jan 2017, 19:40:04 UTC · Discuss

Texts translations
Dear Community members, we are looking for volunteers with different language backgrounds for translation of the project-related texts. Please PM me.
30 Dec 2016, 9:21:52 UTC · Discuss

Account registration
I enabled web account registration with reCaptcha.

For existing user there is need to reset on they hosts project in boinc client
22 Dec 2016, 9:35:56 UTC · Discuss

New server and new tests!
Hello everybody!

We are back with new/old DrugDiscovery@Home server :)
Currently (for next few days) we are testing new applications and wrappers, so application will be UNSTABLE at the moment, and project will require re-join if you like to compute it with us.

Please be patient, we will update you soon with more info about applications and also whole project description.
21 Dec 2016, 13:20:31 UTC · Discuss

Change in administration
Hi all,

For the next couple of months I'll be taking over administrating this project. Having neigh on no experience with the BOINC back-end, I'm looking forward to it, if only for the added experience.

As the first thing, I have updated the forum software and merged the forums.
Then hacked the database to add the news forum. The script that should've done this didn't work. I am now trying to fix it so the news actually shows on the front page, not just in the 'old news' section.

There's no work as of yet. I'm busy trying to figure out how to get a Java application working with the new BOINC wrapper. But for this wrapper to work, we need more up-to-date BOINC server software, so guess what's next on the To-Do list?
2 Feb 2013, 0:00:17 UTC · Discuss

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