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1) Message boards : News : Maintenance break (Message 4960)
Posted 13 Oct 2017 by jamezz
That makes the joy of setting multiple boinc project priority settings for backup projects only to run when situations like this happen. There are some like DD , like how the maths ones as of recent are all ##^## or #^## type pair applications... Personally I prefer to dedicate all my resources to 1 project so I understand where you are coming from but its just an idea , for others reading whom might not consider that , per myself being part of my team you can earn monetary digital assets for the work done so way limited selection but then again I was crunching DD@home before and between them adding it. :)

To help: If you select at the top of the web page " computing " then goto " server status " , you can see both the vina and smina work unit count , per you saying you had Windows 10 and Linux and distro does not matter you can see 0 tasks ready to send. This went from 80k 24 hours ago , to 55k and 25k and now 0 over 24hrs. There seems , in my opinion lots of tasks out per each platform and application. I hope that helps.

Reminds me , DD@home staff whom might want to participate , should be invited to do a revisit and re-do with a new mission and team to a ( who is DD@home , what is DD@home , this is DD@home ) interview/livestream audio like we arranged in the past it really did create a boost to the project! We would love to hear from you guys again! Thanks for coming back!
2) Message boards : News : Ethereum wallet testing (Message 4775)
Posted 16 Feb 2017 by jamezz
Can I assume the .json file is not needed and you just goto the Eth wallet and under " watch token " is where you put " 0xA2319E6E734E47976b80530941a19bA3EA5CdA4b " and name it what ever you want like DD Token. So , and I apologize as I am only trying to help this would be the instructions?

" To get DrugDiscovery "dummy" (at the moment) tokens you need to click at the bottom "Watch Token". This will pop up Add Token at the top and under " Token Contract Address " you will use the DrugDiscovery contract address of "0xA2319E6E734E47976b80530941a19bA3EA5CdA4b " and fill out the rest of the info to your own personal preferences they are not hard set you can name it anything you want and use any symbol.
(Using Etherum Wallet V 0.8.9 ) "

I am new to Eth just now due to DD and am part of the Gridcoin Community , this makes me have to setup yet another wallet and coin when I was trying to stick to Gridcoin , as it is the choice of Berkeley to pay out the community with Gridcoin.

If this was right , it makes it less confusing if not please delete the post. I assume there is no contract to watch yet , just the DD token. I would love to help on the language translation team to help clarify English instructions!

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