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Posted 12 Sep 2009 by Profile Krunchin-Keith [USA]
team U.S.A. for Citizens, Friends and Patriots of the United States of America

Our flag: Stars and Strips or "Old Glory" - U.S.A. founded July 4th 1776

One of the long-standing traditions of distributed computing projects is the formation of teams.
Not just a tradition,
a little healthy competition encourages active participation,
to the general gain of the project.

Team USA was created to show we have American pride and that good ol' American know-how is still a reality.

If you're a patriotic American, this is the team to join. Embrace our motto of "United we stand".

If you're not an American at all, you're still welcome.

This has always been a country with open arms.

Our team on DrugDiscovery
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Posted 12 Sep 2009 by Profile Krunchin-Keith [USA]
Finally I got an email with password reset, since my account was imported with team leaders I could not immediately get in.

I'm here now and testing both cpu and cuda.

Glad to see all the ATA's here some old friends and some new faces too.

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