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WallaceSellh ("I like Hunting. I also to learn Korean in my spare time.")
WinnieLea390 ("I am Winnie and was born on 12 May 1983. My hobbies are Weightlifting and Fishing.")
WilfredoZara ("My name's Wilfredo Zaragoza but everybody calls me Wilfredo. I'm from Sweden. I'm studying...")
Winston49963 ("My name: Winston Martinson My age: 28 years old Country: Netherlands Town: Rotterdam...")
WFFIola05446 ("I am 38 years old and my naqme is Iola Rossetti. I life in Las Vegas (United States).")
WoodrowDugge ("Nothing to say about myself at all. Lovely to be a member of this site. I really wish I...")
WilheminaHai ("Hi there! :) My name is Wilhemina, I'm a stuhdent studying American Studies from...")
WadeHildebra ("Hi there! :) My name is Wade, I'm a student studying Computing and Information Science from...")
WolfgangPett ("My name: Wolfgang Pettigrew My age: 34 years old Country: Australia Town: Penneshaw...")
WinnieClymer ("Hello! My name is Winnie and I'm a 26 years old boy from Riegersburg.")

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