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Thank you but I'm done here....
Friends I'm afraid I'm losing the battle here. I have given this project admin (Andrey) the code he needs to stop the spammers and he's not setting it up. I can't fight an endless tide of spam.

14 Oct 2014, 3:25:15 UTC · Comment

Migration to new database and boinc server
Dear crunchers! We are in progress of migration to the new platform. Today we moved all your accounts to new platform. Please check that all you'r stuff successfully migrated. 15 Jul 2014, 11:53:02 UTC · Comment

Change in administration
Hi all,

For the next couple of months I'll be taking over administrating this project. Having neigh on no experience with the BOINC back-end, I'm looking forward to it, if only for the added experience.

As the first thing, I have updated the forum software and merged the forums.
Then hacked the database to add the news forum. The script that should've done this didn't work. I am now trying to fix it so the news actually shows on the front page, not just in the 'old news' section.

There's no work as of yet. I'm busy trying to figure out how to get a Java application working with the new BOINC wrapper. But for this wrapper to work, we need more up-to-date BOINC server software, so guess what's next on the To-Do list?
2 Feb 2013, 0:00:17 UTC · Comment

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