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Message 569 - Posted: 7 Jun 2009, 4:11:03 UTC

In the interest of being transparent about what this project is doing, I want to let you know Andrew and I are exploring different ways to legally incorporate. It is one thing to work on a research project as a hobby, it is quite another thing to work on a project as a serious researcher interested in developing drugs capable of treat diseases. To achieve success you need resources.

An organization is a vehicle to achieving our objectives. The appropriate organization really depends on the business model. I don't know what our business model is. Our goal is to bring new drugs to market. Typically drugs are patented compounds.

The philosophical foundation that drives volunteer computing seems at odds with an industry that owns IP. I struggle with this dilemma. We want to develop new therapies yet we also want the free use and dissemination of knowledge.

Today I attended a biomedical conference in Rockville, MD and discussed the money saving potential in identifying leading drug compounds through our computational researcher. The popular opinion, we should go with a for-profit model. NIH hands out grants as seed money to small businesses they also contract with small business to do research.

Still I find it a bit conflicting whether a for profit or non-profit is the right way. Clearly if I dedicate myself 100%, I will need food and shelter. What if we exceed the profit margins I expect? Should we throw a block party? :-)
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Message 1033 - Posted: 18 Aug 2009, 19:56:20 UTC - in response to Message 569.  
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hmm, i agree with the for-profit and the non-profit.

someday i wish greed was put in it's proper place... down the list...

i say that the betterment of humanity through research, exploration should be the goal of companies, not greed(which is what is wrong with America tbh)...

good lord, must i say that i recently had my medication changed and now taking a pill made by Pfizer in which a 30-day supply via CVS cost 222 US$, Insurance covered 178 $....

a crazy idea, our profit should go right back to each and every indivdual who helped or volunteered to help.

a penny is better than nothing.

I'm one of those people who, if won the lottery or something to that existent, share with family, give back to the community, build a green home. and donate more to these projects and causes..
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